the writing of john scott ridgway and his mental demons -- gilford tuttle, white male christian, and johnny pain -- punk serial killer with a penchant for vegetible molestation.

My eyes read in wonder worldwide kudos
promises from those heavily armed with prayers

Time is quickening toward the terrible moment
the bowel quaking
down on your knees
talking in tongues


when you decide
if you are with us

or you need to be dealt with




and reintroduced to the tribe with a new name

a silly name

a name you can build on with pride

th elves attic is my primary site.... please go there for the complete book -- THE CRUSADE OF PAIN, a memoir of a novelist getting a call to make radio shows and movies and animation and stuff.... and getting sucker punched by a creature of savave grace. A true story in the tradition of hunter s thompson, mark twain, and that nerdy kid you used to pick on who learned karate and hopes he meets you again, because now he can laugh about it too, and when you got along you got along.

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