the writing of john scott ridgway and his mental demons -- gilford tuttle, white male christian, and johnny pain -- punk serial killer with a penchant for vegetible molestation.
joe user people I'll forgive you anything.... forgive someone else for once.... before it is tooooo late.
Published on February 24, 2007 By Gilford Tuttle In History
You people really need to settle down.... and try to get a peace. Obviously, since the comments from all over the world everywhere else are in praise, you guys really should exaimine yourself.... I am trying to let my students do some editing, and they are.,.... and since i just got a radio/movie/animation/boook deal, I can pay them regular editing rates. A lot of people, in china, egypt, la, ohio, seattle, hong kong, Russia, etc, etc..etc... (not to mention kudos from david byrne and joseph wambaugh and kurt vonneguet and a host of other people you should wet yourself over who will be web caste into my live shows and at PEACE AND PIPEDREAMS, MY SHOW ON FEARLESS RADIo;). The regular folk will be more important in the end, but I am looking at this as a game of poker and I have six aces and I am in a game with a lot of other cheaters, so I need those aces (I have a lot more than six in my rolodex, actually). A lot of 'joe's and 'jane's are getting involved (should see the hundreds of emails), because this is going to be a big book with a lot of names... why not get involved? You are going to miss something cool because you are ninny's., Smart up. I am here until they kick me out, because you are worth saving. I am here in the name of the creature of savage grace, walking the small path to the minute gate. Come on, join the parade, get stoned and get a peace. We'll take it if we have to.... but I hope we get a peace all lubricated up and ready to fuck this life all silly again.
on Feb 24, 2007
Smart up.

I'll get right on that...

WWW Link
on Feb 24, 2007
Just a note,'re still not spelling your link right. If you want people from all over the world to go see your "SHIT" should probably spell "psychokiller" correctly.

on Feb 24, 2007
Keep it up, bozo. The day may come sooner than you think.


-framed needlepoint thing on the wall in the warden's office, The Shawshank Redemption.
on Feb 24, 2007
try this:


on Feb 24, 2007
who are you really? Read your "masterpiece" was less than masterful and it didn''t sound like a poem to me. But one thing came through loud and are looney tunes.
on Feb 24, 2007
la la la, I'm incoherent



buy my medication

I'm all out
and the drugs
just don't
the way


(Look mommy, I'm a poet like Johnny Scott Ridgeway!)
on Feb 24, 2007