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for the first time in the 20 yrs since i worked in politics, I am endorsing a pol.
Published on February 24, 2007 By Gilford Tuttle In History
MUCH AS WE LOVE kevin, who works for joe moore, -- I SAY vote GORDON (after you look into it yourself since I am by no means always right).

I think we should vote GORDON here in Roger's Park for the alderman, which is the citizen's first line of defense in the political system here. Look into gordon and moore yourself, please... but there is a fishy 500,000 campaign contribution to Moore's campaign, a contribution from the realtor's who would drive the poor from this neighborhood and make it boringly rich and mostly white... and moore got all evasive when confronted about this during a debate. This is big time major sin. Kid needs a little forgiveness, but first comes the REBUKE, THE STING... kick his ass out and let him realize why he should have been working full time for Roger's Park, not spending all his time moonlighting on his future political career.

Read about that 500k here in the article on gordon...

Yes, I was a boof FIST when I said I would endorse no one. I have decided, and could be wrong, that Joe Moore is working for his future political career, MORE SO THAN ROGER'S PARK.

wE do love Kevin, though, who works for Joe Moore. He is the friendly neighbor we all want -- funny, cool, political and oh so involved. When there were muggings down by the Jarvis stop a couple years ago and hoods started hanging at jarvis and greenview destroying the small businesses along that stretch, Kevin Started going to that corner and hanging out first.

His warm smile was another nice KUDO of my daily homecoming from driving 12 hours of cab.

. He didn't tell me he worked for the alderman forever, and has never mentioned voting. We talk about him hitchiking to concerts all young and buzzed and immortal.

Gordon though.... he will work only for roger's park, not Mayor Daly, or the rest of the city. Alderman here in chicago are the first line of a citizen's defense, and they are important and the system should be world wide.

CHICAgo HAS A LOT TO offer in terms of leadership.

MAY ALL THE POLITICIANS KNOW I choose no sides other than that of THE CITIZEN.

endorsing a candidate is something I have NOT DONEin the twenty years since I worked in politics full time for a few years...


I see him all the time and we always wave. I forget he was the guy who saved Ruby dog when she got away from me one night. Huskies run right in front of cars, so you can imagine how heart pounding it is... and they are woflish, trying to escape from you and run man just run... they run for miles in the wild just for the hell of it. This is a raging party animal who loves nothing better than to go fast -- we all like to go fast.....

Anyways, gordon and his wonderful wife and cutey pie teenager girls are some of the best people you could hope for. I will be pround to have him at my back in this street rumble.

Here's the letter.


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Ridgway is the seed of the first king's of England, considered the probable line of Arthur. He comes from a political family, with a mother who was President of the URW. From one of the most recorded families in history -- filled with monks, crusaders, popes, etc... comes a Roger's Park slacker with messy hair who writes novels, tv shows, movies, radio shows (now on FEARLESS RADIO ON THE SHOW peace and pipedreams, tues and thurs, 7-10 on your internet).

I am presently running a Thomas Paine Like campaign, a total war for total peace at my website and (where my book in progress, THE CRUSADE OF PAIN, is being given away).

Greetings Neighbor!

Gordon Housing Policy - A Personal Reflection

My last position paper before Tuesday’s election is done. It’s my policy statement on Housing in Rogers Park. It reflects my belief that we all have a right to quality, affordable housing - this is our right, and not merely an option or a life choice. The paper is informed by hard lessons learned in my own life experience and also by concerns shared with me from citizens like you. Of all the community issues I have worked to address, and all the problems and solutions I’ve considered, this was by far the most difficult one to tackle because the issue hits very close to home for me.

As a child I grew up very poor in a 2-flat in a neighborhood now known as Wrigleville. I was raised by my mom, aunt, and grandmother at a time when there was little support for women in our society. There was no National Organization of Women and no federal Title IX legislation. Decades after the work of heroic social activists like Chicago’s Jane Addams, there still was little recognition of the plight of single mothers trying to raise a child on their own. We were lucky that our neighborhood hadn’t gentrified yet because my mom struggled to make ends meet. Was it luck, fate, or faith that gave us kind neighbors who often shared money and food when times were tight? We also had a landlord who occasionally let my mom skip on rent. But we always worried – what will we do if he sells the building?

Well, I was indeed lucky. I was nurtured by three moms who loved and cared for me and wouldn’t let poverty get in the way of raising their little boy and making sure I got a good education. That’s why I’m here today, with my wife of 31 years and two beautiful daughters, serving my community for 25 years and now running for alderman.

This explains why I’ve never been able to adopt the almost clinical and detached attitude that some social policy experts have about housing issues. You see, I don’t just care passively about the issues of those less fortunate than I. I can truly empathize with everyone whose day-to-day existence and basic needs for housing and food are often out their control. I’ve been there.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that one of my strong guiding principles will be that “No one who wants to remain in Rogers Park should be forced to leave. We’re all together on this boat and if I am alderman, no one will get thrown overboard!” This Housing Paper touches me personally and when it comes time to implement housing solutions, I will not only have my head in the right place, I’ll have my heart there too. Read Housing Policy.

Shame on you, Alderman Moore

Alderman Moore, in just the past 4 years you have raised $500,000 to fund your re-election campaign. In our interview on Feb. 19 with Carol Marin on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight show I said that the “culture of corruption” is alive and well in the 49th ward. Nearly half of your political contributions – $250,000 – come from developers and the real estate industry. With them calling the shots, it’s no surprise that affordable apartments in Rogers Park are disappearing, and slumlords are often given a free pass.

At first you denied taking $500,000. When Ms. Marin confirmed the number you squirmed then tried a different tactic. Now you want us to believe that you give the money to community groups! Let’s be honest – you use campaign contributions to stay in office. Your donation figures are public, and available online at

You claim to be an “Independent” and a “Progressive” alderman because you stand up to the mayor. However, in an earlier interview for CAN TV you said you vote with the mayor 95% of the time! The fact is that standing up to the mayor is not as important as standing up for our community. The only thing independent and progressive about you is that you’re independent of our voters and progressively padding your campaign coffers. Instead of delivering favors for special interests, you should be delivering services to everyone. More info>

on Feb 24, 2007
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