the writing of john scott ridgway and his mental demons -- gilford tuttle, white male christian, and johnny pain -- punk serial killer with a penchant for vegetible molestation.

Five twenty am in the morning and I prepare for another 16 hour day. Anybody want to tell me about how weed makes me lazy, I got a baseball bat here to shove up .... well, someplace you won't like, if possible.

WE NOW HAVE OFFICERS ready to strike on order



Seattle, Hong Kong, GOT A LOT OF FOLK IN LA, Alberta CA, all the heck over CHina where they are way ahead of us in the whole EACH ACCORDING TO HIS NEED COMMANDMENT. They are coming in and reading and I KNOW THEY KNOW WHERE I AM COMING FROM... LET THEM QUIETLY GROW FROM THE TOP DOWN... and my dearest intellectual buddy, who inspired me to write my greatest poem, in my humble opinion -- AFTER ALL THE YERS OF FREAKING OUT ABOUT BEING DIDACTIC (didactic just means stupidly, dangerously, demonically looking at the world as black and white), THE RURAL TOWNS OF MISSOURI (my dead country buddy), AND TRAVELING BY RAIL ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY, IN COP CARS HERE AND NEW YORK AND KANSAS CITY AND SALT LAKE CITY'S CHANNEL TWO AND OF COURSE MY HARD ROCKING CREWS ON FEARLESS RADIO HERE IN Chicago, Bowling Green, IN MY MOTHERS HEART, and Toledo, Ohio... AND WHEREVER THE HELL YOU ARE... AND THOSE GREAT SOULS working at the NATION on the east coast, etc..

Too many of you for me to easily list anymore -- thank you namelss one...

. M says actors on award shows should just say, THANK YOU -- you know who you are. And if you live right, they will feel warm and noticed and loved. M. is so damn smartsy.

I am getting a lot of CHINESE READERS!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Thank you for letting my websites reach the people. I respect you all to hell, and you are my inspiration for a people run governemnt. WITHOUT ENEMIES, I KNOW YOU CAN FLOURISH EVEN MORE....

We need more leaders who are women and people of colors besides pink and pale ass white... this becomes a white thing and I will quit.

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