the writing of john scott ridgway and his mental demons -- gilford tuttle, white male christian, and johnny pain -- punk serial killer with a penchant for vegetible molestation.
yea, just try... this soldier boy ain't easy to kil.
Published on March 6, 2007 By Gilford Tuttle In History
the death threats start

Yea, just try... this soldier boy ain't so easy to kill.

Jason Pettus had to quit taking comments because of all the death threats. And he is not political..... he writes gen x romance/slice of life (x-rated, often... if his writing does not turn you on, you are altogether dead to the entire realm of the fuck) and high tech articles, and anything else he wants. JASON listens to no one, because no one is qualified to think PETTUS right now. There will be professors in the future studying this guy; I pray to all that is savage that I will have the blessing to be one...

He is one of those kids you love to hate... graduated from HARVARD at 10 months, graduate work at OXFORD, Doctorates at MIT by 3 years... then at five, he was at Disney world looking at a rather sad man in a Goofy costume and something broke inside of him; some control, some way of looking at things shattered; he found himself compulsively reading everything, trying to find answers to death, love, sex, hunger...He quit teaching and . . well, at five he read books and waited until he was of legal of age ... yes, he did, sure... and then he became a sexual adventurer/rec. drug user/and one of the most disciplined men I have ever seen.... he has over twelve books. He has one of the most popular sites on the web, where he explores his new expertise, second life. Would you skip food for three days to keep working? I bet you wish you had that kind of job. JASON PETTUS HAS THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD -- CREATING THE FUTURE.

The death threats (three, one in the WASHINGTON DC area -- that is all I know) do not bother me at all. When someone challanges me, I fight... So as these trickle in, I have been laughing. I like challanges from weak headed enemies. Good practice at WINNING.

Like last night, on the train, some gang banger was cussing like all hell, and bitching at his pregnant wife. When I got up to leave, I told him, "You should learn to watch your mouth, you don't need to be cussing like that in front of real people."

He yelled to his buddies to help him, which pissed me off even more -- you know me, I once kicked four gang bangers asses at once without even trying. Most of them are pussies who get in that shit because they are afraid to fight alone. This one came up real close to me, our coats actually touching... I had my hands full of books and stuff, or I probably would have hit him. I tell him, "You are about to get your ass kicked and end up in jail." He says, "I'm a fully grown man," which he then basically repeated over and over as I kind of yelled in his face, "A man does not do this shit.

My crazed demeanor, the way I would not back down... scared his buddy... He grabbed his freind and pulled him away from me. I AM READY TO FIGHT. PERIOD. I JUST DON'T WANT TO WHEN IT IS UN-NECCESARY. I have a boxer's love of the fight, and their respect for worthy adversaries.. not that these sixteen year old kids with no muscles or fighting skills were going to be much of anything more than meat bags I would kick a few times before walking off...

I kept looking at the guys nose ring... I figured I could kick the dude behind me in the balls while grabbing his fucking nose ring and ripping it off. I was so ready for him to cross the line... I hate to say I love this shit.

Anyways, I could have easily gotten shot by these gang-bangers . . . as M. pointed out in a horrified voice once we were off the train. I told her, "No, they didn't look hardcore. I have met and respected many a gang banger-- these were punk wanna be's."

She wasn't comforted by my words... so I didn't add that I kind of beleive I am protected by a a sheild of savage grace that makes me brave and reckless... either that, or I simply do not fear death. I have spent a lot of time thinking about killing myself, so there is a death wish in there. Good. I want to welcome death when it comes.

His buddy, who

was a head taller than me, saw the warrior in me raging to get out and he became a scared kid. I am glad I didn't have to mess with him... These kids will remember this forever, as humans often do when they are rebuked. I do. I still remember a cop bitching me out all to high heaven for stopping on a cross walk. I do not do that shit now, and once found myself yellin at someone for doing so. I wish I could say we never need spanking, but so many of you do... me included (and not that way -- I have been with catholic girls who like all that spanking and crap; I just do not have that in me).

Anyways, I just want to come in here and say that I DON'T WANT ANY ENEMIES AT ALL.

I WANT to be the guy at the Peace Talks who gets to be the stoner cheerleader who throws in a quip to lighten the tension... or better yet, the joint roller at the party. I did that once, for a dealer, took his years worth of shake and just rolled and gave away joints all night. We charged a bit at the door, then gave away the weed and booze. I don't know if any money was made, but I sure had a good time... I can't say too much about this for security concerns, but boy... when the statue of limitations wears off, I can tell you the night of a thousand joints story...

The death threats... first off M. IS NOT TO KNOW. SHE ONLY READS WHAT I HAVE HER PRINT OFF, AND THIS WILL NEVER GET PRINTED. My MOTHER IS NOT TO KNOW, unless she happens to read this. MY MOM CAN KICK YOUR ASS WITH TWO SENTENCES, and she was president of the URW (united rubber workers, and yes the double entendre' on the shirts was fun as a kid), so she got a lot of shit from THE BIG BOYS. Mom used to scare them, until a divorce left her so broke that she had to give up the union to support her family -- she went management.

I used to hate her for that decision. Now my mom cooks for the homeless, runs food and pantries, takes care of hundreds of disabled vet's, making sure those in the hospital get a home made cake from her. She should be a rock star, a role model -- not some empty headed actress (not that I have anything against them, and not that I wouldn't like to be held against them... were I not a MONOGAMOUS MAN).

Yes, I have been getting death threats, and sex offers... guess those hot chicks really do come in out of the woodwork if they think you have a cool job in radio. Like I told M -- I am too old and in love and respectful of M. for my concept of satan to come on to me as a hot girl. I of course wish we had an open relationship, but I've had more than my share of women (over a hundred and fifty lovers) and NOW I PREFER to just be a guy with a girlfriend.

Should someone think it is best to shoot me, I expect this tribe to send M. money.... to take care of RUBY - DOG, AND KITTY-BUM. I MEAN IT. I will haunt you all. also, I want to be incinirated, then have my ashes put in a toilet at a party. Everyone should be forced to drink three beers, then the pisssing can begin. Once everyone has dribbled some yellow in with my ashes, I want to be flushed. I think this is very buddhist, in how it looks at death... something to laugh our way through, like most tragedies.

BY THE WAY --- I forwarded the death threats to A BUDDY OF MINE AT THE FBI (he knows Ted Nugent and if I should ever get cool enough, maybe I will get to kiss the ground the nuge walks on... or have him help us track these bleeps down and shoot an arrow up their ass).



I just don't like owning people, so i am sitting you free this time. EVERYONE NEEDS A LOT OF REPRIEVES, AND THIS IS YOURS... don't do this again, or I will release the dogs



WE MUST LEARN TO PRAY TOGETHER FOR A CHANGE. tHAT is why we need SOUTH PARK in the churches... the church has lost their moral compass. The new bible is being written all around us, and the pop culture professor's have been writing about the sacred text forever (starting in Bowling Green University, where I went to high school as a hipster/stoner/long haired guy at the height of short haired, izod wearing yuppie reagen clones,complete with a brain addling disease). Read Hunter S. Thompson for a morality update, dude.

Yea, there is a part of me that just wants you to try... I imagine that is the same gene that kept my family going off to war... well, that and the fact that only the first son got any property. So, the others went into monastaries, bought positions in the church or... went on these church sanctioned raiding missions among the heathens... as well as tried to make sure Christians could get to Holy places in the middle east. Sometimes they were seemed almost blood thirsty, but they were loved... there are letters in the book declaring my relatives kind and scholarly men -- I take the most pride in the monks, of course. I understand the monk gene best of all.


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