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Published on November 8, 2006 By Gilford Tuttle In Ethics


In the latest blow to man's image of himself as the center of the universe, a god came down to earth yesterday and caused rapture to erupt, and humans, much to their whiny dismay, were left behind to be ruled by the usal half sensed shadow world of chaos loving, brutal demons.

As the deity scooped up the penguins in his hands, thousands of screaming human voices were raised to protest the supreme deity's decision.
All known languages were hurled up at the deity, representing every type of whining known to man. The deity shushed the humans, then pointed at the amusing antics of various penguins who were doing an elaborate ice-scapade version of a tale that they explained, in a short introduction, was too complex for human understanding. . .

Before leaving, the deity told the humans,

"Hey, ectoplasm, get over yourself. I didn't even try to make another species that comes close to a penguin. Let alone, Man... Yea, right -- come on, you don't even really believe that do you? Every dog you have ever met is a better being than you. . . I mean, name a dog that isn't a better being than you?
... Let alone a penguin -- they're fucking nature's clowns, man! You put your robin williams and conans on stage with an emporer penguin, not only will it kick their asses, it will make you laugh harder than you ever have before in your life while it does so. You are a component in an echosphere, and if anything, you should be punished, if not just weeded out. You're probably very lucky that I don't bother thinking about you very much."
After finding out their species is well down on the animal totem pole that god uses to judge specks of the echosphere, humans around the world were reported to be, 'thinking about other stuff,' and 'keeping busy.'

You humans have a bit of egg on the old face, today, huh? I am so glad I married into another species, marsupial. I mean, we might go after dogs or something, but man? Like the deity said when asked about when the humans would go, "Not on my fucking watch, that is for sure."

Have a day without rapture or grace!!!!

on Nov 08, 2006


When you spam the "recent articles" list with a hundred articles, most people here don't even read one of them.  Just thought you should know.


on Nov 08, 2006
I am just putting up my articles as a back up. I could give a shit whether you people read them or not. In fact, I have found most of the people whom I read here so inbred and full of themselves that I should make it private...
on Nov 08, 2006
Yes, you should make it private. That is an excellent idea.
on Nov 08, 2006
okay... alright... yea.
on Nov 12, 2006
I misjudged your site. Big deal. Reading that article, it seemed to fit into the general mindset I was seeing in the conservatives. I jumped the gun. I apologize. What the fuck? I'm reactive.